PATICE interactive map

In this interactive map, you can explore all the glacial landforms and chronologies that were used to generate the new reconstructions of the last Patagonian Ice Sheet from 35,000 years ago to the present day.

Click the PATICE logo below to launch the online interactive webmap.

The GIF below shows the extent of the ice sheet in 5000 year timeslices. The colours around the margin show where we have high, medium and low confidence in where we have placed the margin.

The image below shows the evidence used to create the reconstruction. You can explore this data yourself using our interactive map that uses ArcGIS Online.

Using the PATICE interactive map

To open the interactive map, click here.

To zoom into a specific area, press shift and draw a box with your mouse. You can also scroll with your mouse, and use the zoom in/out buttons in the top left corner.

The icons in the top left allow you to interact with the map. You can view the legend and the layer list, and zoom in and out. The left/right arrows go to the previous or next extent (the spatial extent of the map viewed).

ArcGIS Online Tools

In the Layer List, you can toggle visibility of layers on and off, view the attribute information, and view the metadata (click on the three dots to the right of each layer).

Clicking on a feature will bring up a popup with the attribute information and some explanatory information.

Click on a feature to bring up a popup with more information.

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