Women and Minorities in Antarctica

Accounts from under-represented groups and their relationships with Antarctica are still rarely acknowledged in stories about the continent’s human history[1]. Instead, there is a continued focus on the heroic era with mainly European male explorers. Whilst still critically important, literature is filled with their accounts, and therefore this page will focus on the encounters from …

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People and Antarctica StoryMap

This Antarctica StoryMap Collection focusses on the different people in Antarctica. We begin by touching on the first arrivals in Antarctica, including those which are often forgotten about, these collections have a strong focus on the geopolitics of Antarctica and how this influences its tourism. These four StoryMaps also introduce the different job roles in …

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Tourism in Antarctica

This article about Antarctica’s tourism has been written by Laura Boyall and Benjamin Samingpai. A trip to Antarctica is not a common holiday destination for many people. However, since the 1950s, there has been a growing number of individuals travelling to the southernmost continent. And then from the 1980s, the growth has been exponential with …

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Introduction to People in Antarctica

Antarctica is the only continent with no permanent residents. Instead, over the last few hundred years there have been explorers, research scientists and ever-growing tourist numbers. The human presence in Antarctica is strictly controlled by a series of treaty’s, protocols and rules. Here you will find an introduction to the people and Antarctica and you …

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People in Antarctica

This page introduces some of the ways in which people live, work and visit Antarctica, and how we govern this mighty, and beautiful, continent. You can also explore our People in Antarctica StoryMap Collection for an interactive timeline on the history of people in Antarctica, Antarctic Geopolitics, Tourism and Living in Antarctica.

Living and working in Antarctica

Introduction | Rothera | South Georgia | Research ships | Working deep field Introduction There are many bases across Antarctica; around 30 countries have around 82 bases. Some of these bases are open only in summer, and others are operated all year around. The summertime population of Antarctica is around 5000 people (not including those …

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