Antarctic datasets

The following is a list of publically available Antarctic datasets. These datasets are often freely accessible, usually providing that you cite the source and often a relevant paper. Do not use data without correct attribution. Many of these datasets have been used in the creation of figures on this website, and I thank all the …

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The Antarctic continent | The Antarctic Ice Sheets | Ice streams, subglacial lakes and ice shelves in Antarctica | Wildlife of Antarctica | Exploration of Antarctica | References | Comments | The Antarctic continent Antarctica: the enigmatic, romantic, remote white continent. Antarctica lies at the bottom of the world and all waters south of 60°S …

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East Antarctic Ice Sheet

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet today | Topography of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet | The Dry Valleys of East Antarctica | Climate of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet | References | Comments | The East Antarctic Ice Sheet today The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is the largest of Antarctica’s ice sheets, and has a …

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The Sirius Debate

A glacial-geological controversy | The Sirius Debate | The view from East Antarctica | Summary | References | Comments | This page was contributed by Professor Michael Hambrey, and all figures and photographs are copyright Mike Hambrey. A glacial-geological controversy Antarctica displays a long-term (multi-million year) record of glacial history that is unsurpassed on Earth. …

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