Plateau Icefields: Glacial geomorphology of Juneau Icefield

This article is based on the followed accepted and published article on Juneau Icefield geomorphology and glaciology: Davies et al., 20221, which has been published in final form at:  Article authors: Bethan Davies, Jacob Bendle, Jonathan Carrivick, Robert McNabb, Christopher McNeil, Mauri Pelto, Seth Campbell, Tom Holt, Jeremy Ely, Bradley Markle In this article, … Read more

Younger Dryas glacial moraines (Lake District)

By Dr Richard Waller, Keele University, and Dr Bethan Davies, Royal Holloway University of London During the Younger Dryas, the Lake District was covered by plateau icefields and cirque glaciers[1]. The image below shows the larger plateau icefields (green) and the smaller cirque glaciers (red) in the Lake District and Snowdonia. You can explore all … Read more

Glacial geomorphological mapping

This article on glacial geomorphological mapping was written by Dr Benjamin Chandler from Stockholm University. Why do we map glacial landforms? Geomorphological mapping is an important method used by glacial geologists to study the behaviour of past glaciers and ice sheets1. By mapping the distribution of glacial landforms and investigating the spatial relationships between different … Read more

Moraine formation

Ridges, mounds and hummocks formed at the margin of glaciers are generally termed moraines. The study of moraines is particularly useful as it can shed light on the physical processes occurring at both active and former ice margins1,2 and because moraines are markers of former glacier extent, so can be used to track glacier change … Read more

Moraine types

Moraines are distinct ridges or mounds of debris that are laid down directly by a glacier or pushed up by it1. The term moraine is used to describe a wide variety of landforms created by the dumping, pushing, and squeezing of loose rock material, as well as the melting of glacial ice. In terms of … Read more

Glacial depositional landforms

This section of the website includes many examples of landforms created underneath and around the margins of glaciers. These depositional landforms typically form in two domains: subglacial landforms and ice-marginal landforms. Subglacial landforms include: A continuum of lineated bedforms, ranging from small scale (flutes), through to intermediate scale (10s of metres; Drumlins), through to large … Read more

Ice shelf moraines

This is a page about an article written by Michael Hambrey, Bethan Davies and colleagues on ice shelf moraines on Alexander Island in Antarctica[1]. You can download the article here (open access). Full reference: Hambrey MJ, Davies BJ, Glasser NF, Holt TO, Smellie JL, Carrivick JL. Structure and sedimentology of George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctic … Read more

Ice-cored moraines, James Ross Island

The Little Ice Age on James Ross Island | Methods | Moraine morphology and sedimentology | Glacier extent, surface and volume changesy | Interpretation | Summary and conclusions | References | Comments | This is a shortened and simplified version of the Carrivick et al. 2012 article in Journal of Glaciology.  The Late Holocene on … Read more

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