Antarctica and Climate Change StoryMap

This Antarctica and Climate Change StoryMap Collection focuses on contemporary climate change in Antarctica, and how this is driving changes in the ocean currents around the ice sheet.

Click the image below to open the StoryMap (note that the ‘Download as PDF’ button only prints out this webpage, not the StoryMap).

The Collection of four StoryMaps then explores how Antarctica may drive sea level rise in coming decades to centuries. It is set at an introductory level, aimed at 13/14 year olds and upwards.

You can find the scheme of work for the ‘Climate Change and Antarctica‘ StoryMap Collection here.

Antarctica and Climate Change StoryMap Collection

Funding and Contributors

The Antarctica StoryMap Collections were funded by an educational bursary from Antarctic Science Ltd and were supported by the British Antarctic Survey, ESRI, and Geography Southwest! We also thank numerous scientific advisors and contributors, who have helped to ensure that these resources are accurate, up to date, and unique.

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  1. The activities include both questions drawing on the content, and innovative interactive tasks such as seeing how an iceberg floats, or what the land looks like beneath the ice.

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