Interactive apps and models

Interactive glacier models Get the students playing with one of these simple, browser-based interactive glacier models, and understanding concepts such as ablation, accumulation, glacier advance and recession and glacier mass balance. You can also explore the OGGM-edu (see separate page on this). NASA JPL Virtual Earth System Laboratory The folks at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory …

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Numerical Glacier Modelling Glossary

Sometimes, glacier modellers seem to speak a different language. Here I have started a glossary, aimed at people without expertise in glacier and ice-sheet numerical modelling. I am keen to have contributions and suggestions – please comment, email or tweet for inclusions. I have attempted to keep maths to a minimum to ensure that it …

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Glacier response to climate change

Climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula | Glacier fluctuations on James Ross Island | Glacier modelling experiments | Summary and conclusions | Further reading | Modelled glacier response to centennial temperature and precipitation trends on the Antarctic Peninsula This article is a summary of the following paper: Davies, B.J., Golledge, N.R., Glasser, N.F., Carrivick, J.L., …

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Interactive glacier models

A glacier model is a simple way of describing a glacier or ice sheet, using well-understood mathematical relationships, such as the deformation rate, amount of melting, snowfall and precipitation. There are quite a few interactive glacier models on the internet that you can play with. Use these models to experiment with making glaciers and ice …

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Mountain glacier models

This page on mountain glacier models was kindly contributed by Ann Rowan from the Centre for Glaciology at Aberystwyth University. Mountain glacier models | Modelling philosophy: simplicity versus complexity | Modelling glaciers in the Southern Alps, New Zealand | Recommended Reading | References | Comments | Mountain glacier models Glacier models are used to investigate …

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Ice sheet modelling

This page was contributed by Dr Anne le Brocq from the University of Exeter. What is an ice sheet model? | Why do we need a model? | Different types of model | The process of modelling | Examples | Uncertainty | References | Comments What is an ice sheet model? A quick search on …

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