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OGGM-edu: Glacier interactive apps

The Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) edu has a series of interactive apps and notebooks suitable for students of different levels. They provide a series of tolls for instructors to use in practical classes. The tools can be run on any computer and do not require any software to be downloaded.


The interactive apps include:

For more advanced students with some experience and competence in Python programming you can also use the Interactive Notebooks. These are recommeded for university or graduate student level.

This page highlights some of the interactive maps; the Glacier simulator is explained on our page in interactive glacier models.

These tools were developed by Dr Fabien Maussion from the University of Innsbruck and are highly recommended.

The Glacier Gallery opens in a new page in your browser. Students can explore the map, learning about the different types of glaciers. This is a nice introduction to the diversity of glaciers.

OGGM Glacier Gallery

World Glaciers Explorer

The World Glaciers Explorer app is for slightly more advanced students but it is still highly intuitive.The data are derived from the Randolph Glacier Inventory.

Students can view the map, and select different regions of glaciers, and view their characteristics in terms of area, volume, sea level equivalent, and view climatic summaries of the region. You can also zoom into the map, and select different regions and glaciers in more detail.

World Glaciers Explorer, OGGM-edu

Future evolution of glaciers in the European Alps

This app shows model outputs for glacier extent in different parts of the Alps. Students can explore glaciers by country and see how their volume will change to the year AD2100 under different IPCC climate projection scenarios.

Glacier Simulator

The OGGM edu Glacier Simulator is an interactive web application that teaches about glacier flow, how glaiers grow and shrink, what parameters influence their size, and more.

There are some resources on the OGGM website to guide questions that students can explore, including ELA change, glacier shape, glacier slope, etc.

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