The Larsen C Ice Shelf growing rift

Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves | Ice shelf collapse on the Antarctic Peninsula | Rifting on Larsen C | Impact of calving the large iceberg | Sea level rise following ice-shelf collapse | References | Comments | Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves The Antarctic Peninsula is fringed by floating ice shelves. They are floating extensions of the … Read more

Antarctic Peninsula has strong sensitivity to surface warming

The Antarctic Peninsula is warming very rapidly, about six times the global average[1-3]. There has been a 95% increase in positive degree day sums since 1948[4]. Glaciers in the region are accelerating, in response to frontal thinning and recession[5]. In addition, ice shelves are collapsing[6], glacier fronts are retreating[7]. The causes for much of these … Read more


The Antarctic continent | The Antarctic Ice Sheets | Ice streams, subglacial lakes and ice shelves in Antarctica | Wildlife of Antarctica | Exploration of Antarctica | References | Comments | The Antarctic continent Antarctica: the enigmatic, romantic, remote white continent. Antarctica lies at the bottom of the world and all waters south of 60°S … Read more

Antarctic Peninsula Ice Shelves

Prince Gustav Ice Shelf | Larsen Ice Shelf | Wordie Ice Shelf | Wilkins Ice Shelf | George VI Ice Shelf | References | Comments | Prince Gustav Ice Shelf Prince Gustav Ice Shelf was the most northerly ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula, and it was the first to collapse in 1995. It shrank … Read more

Glacier change in Antarctica

Introduction | Temperatures are rising | Ice shelves are collapsing | Glaciers are shrinking | Glaciers are thinning | Glaciers are accelerating | Sea level is rising | Impact of climate on glaciers | References | Comments | Introduction What is happening around the Antarctic Peninsula? This is a region of very rapid warming, and … Read more

Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet

Introduction | Oceanography and climate | Modern Glaciology | Geological history | References | Comments | Introduction This section largely taken from Davies et al., 2012 (Quaternary Science Reviews)[1]. The Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet (sometimes written as APIS) is widely regarded as sensitive to climate change due to its small size and northerly location, and … Read more

Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet evolution

Pre-Quaternary Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet evolution | Quaternary glaciation of the Antarctic Peninsula | Last Glacial Maximum | Antarctic Peninsula Ice streams | References | Comments | This section is largely taken from Davies et al. 2012 (Quaternary Science Reviews)[1], and summarises Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet evolution throughout the Cenozoic, Last Glacial Maximum and into … Read more

Antarctic Peninsula Photos

Photographs from around the Antarctic Peninsula taken by Bethan Davies in 2011 and 2012 during cruises on RRV Ernest Shackleton, RRV James Clark Ross, and HMS Protector. Article by Bethan Davies.

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