Introductory Antarctic Resources


Introductory Antarctic Resources

This section of the website has a range of introductory articles and StoryMap Collections. These are suitable for younger readers (up to 14 years; UK Key Stage 3) or those new to learning about Antarctica.

This video (24 minutes) introduces the Antarctic Ice Sheet, how to get to Antarctica, and what it’s like to live and work in Antarctica. It is suitable for primary-age children.

Introduction to Living and Working in Antarctica (24 mins)

You may also be interested in visiting our page on Introductory Resources for Teachers, which also targets the 14~16 age group (UK Key Stage 3 and GCSE).

This section of the website is sponsored by the Antarctic Science International Educational Bursary.

List of Introductory resources (UK key stage 3 and GCSE, ages 14+)

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