Holly Jenkins

I am a geologist who has recently graduated with an MSc in Quaternary Science from Royal Holloway University of  London. My masters dissertation focused on reconstructing the provenance of LGM till in the Vale of York, using clast lithology and bulk geochemistry. I am interested in glacial sedimentology and understanding past and present glacial environments. I …

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Laura Boyall

I am a geographer who has recently finished an MSc in Quaternary Science at Royal Holloway University of London. My interests lie in using high-resolution archives (such as ice cores and lake sediment cores) to understand more about the climate system, beyond the historical era. Not only does the information gained from this type of …

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Andy Emery

Biography | Contact details | Selected Publications | Biography I am a geologist with a current focus on using marine geophysics to understand past landscape evolution and glacial dynamics. Using datasets collected by the offshore wind industry for site investigation, I study the stratigraphy and sediments of the subsurface. Seismic reflection profiles, needed to characterise …

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Jacob Bendle

I am a Quaternary geologist with a focus on palaeo-ice sheet dynamics and palaeoclimate change during the last 20,000 years. I study glacial landforms to reconstruct glacier (and glacial lake) extents, dimensions and depositional processes. However, my main focus lies with the sedimentological analysis of annually-layered glacial lake sediments (known as varves) to develop continuous, …

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Neil Glasser

Biography | Recent Employment and Roles | Selected Publications | Biography Professor Neil Glasser is a glacial geomorphologist at Aberystwyth University researching glacial landform development, glacial sedimentary processes and dating glacier fluctuations. He holds research grants from NERC worth over £400k. He has overseas fieldwork experience in Greenland, Antarctica, Patagonia, Svalbard, Peru, Nepal, Norway, Sweden …

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Bethan Davies

Biography | Recent employment | Education | Publications | PhD Thesis | Profiles I am a glaciologist specialising in reconstructing glacier dynamics over multiple timescales, from both field and remotely sensed data, particularly in the Antarctic Peninsula, Britain and Patagonia. I am also interested in using ice-sheet and climate models to constrain the interaction between …

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