structural glaciology

Glacier disconnections, Juneau Icefield

This article on the new and critical process of glacier disconnections is based on the followed accepted and published article about Juneau Icefield: Davies et al., 20221, which has been published in final form at: All data produced in this work, including shapefiles and an A0 poster of the icefield, are available as supplementary …

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Ice stream structural glaciology

The pattern of velocity across the surface of an ice stream is complex, and varies between ice streams. It is captured by surficial structures, such as crevasses and longitudinal flow structures (also known as flow stripes, flow lines, and streak lines)[20]. In places, they can be traced for > 100 km. They form on valley …

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Ice shelf moraines

This is a page about an article written by Michael Hambrey, Bethan Davies and colleagues on ice shelf moraines on Alexander Island in Antarctica[1]. You can download the article here (open access). Full reference: Hambrey MJ, Davies BJ, Glasser NF, Holt TO, Smellie JL, Carrivick JL. Structure and sedimentology of George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctic …

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Structural glaciology

Introduction | Primary stratification | Longitudinal surface structures | Crevasses | Ogives | Debris cover | Medial moraines | Further reading | References | Comments | Introduction As glaciers flow, they crack and fracture in predictable ways. This brittle failure of the glacier ice yields insights into glacier strain, both in the present day and …

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Longitudinal Stress

Deviatoric stress Normal stress is the stress acting on the bed in the vertical direction. Ice tends to spread out under its own weight, so normal stresses act in all other directions. If the ice is subject to other pushes and pulls, the stresses at location x may differ from the average value[1]. The difference …

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