Teaching resources on the last British-Irish Ice Sheet

On this page is a list of resources on the BIIS. Most are freely available.

The Younger Dryas Glacial Map

This map was produced as a collaboration between Bethan Davies and Hannah Bickerdike. It uses the glacial geomorphology and glacier reconstruction compiled by Bickerdike et al. (2016, 2018). We have used these data to produce an interactive webmap and accompanying resources.

The Younger Dryas Glacial Map

Britice Webmap

The BRITICE project, led by Prof. Chris Clark, has resulted in a number of teaching resources on the glaciation of Britain.

Here, there is an online webmap (no ArcGIS licence required) where you can view and explore the landforms of the last BIIS. What glacial landforms are in your neck of the woods?

BRITICE V2 (Clark et al., 2017)

Virtual Glaciers

The Virtual Glaciers website offers a number of virtual field trips to sites around the UK. At time of writing there were three field trips available to the Lake District.

These virtual fieldtrip can be used in conjunction with the Younger Dryas Glacial Map to consider the impact of the Younger Dryas on the British landscape. View the mapped landforms and then see them in the flesh!

Virtual Glaciers field trip

Glaciation: Past, present and future

This great ESRI Storymap introduces glaciers today, glaciers globally at the Last Glacial Maximum, and investigates the BRITICE glacial landforms across Britain. It’s well made and tailored for A-Level Geography students.

Glaciation past, present and future storymap

Holderness Coast Erosion: ESRI Storymap

This ESRI Storymap investigates the erosion of glacial sediments on the Holderness Coast.

ESRI Storymap about coastal erosion of glacial sediments at Holderness

BGS poster maps

The BGS have a number of poster maps for sale.

They have also produced Anglesey i-Map, which allows users to explore the geology and glacial landforms of Anglesey.

The BGS also have some useful pages on Ice Age Britain.

Field guides

Looking to lead a field trip? Look at the field guides produced by a number of organisations, including the Quaternary Research Association.

The QRA have also compiled a list of the Top 50 UK Quaternary Sites, and produced a booklet. Perhaps inspirational for fieldwork?

Videos and films

There are several videos available on Time for Geography about Glaciation, with some specific examples of landforms from the UK.

The Yorkshire Geological Society have also produced a series of virtual field trips to various parts of Yorkshire.

Royal Geographical Society

There are a number of teaching resources available on the RGS website. This helpful page includes lesson plans and additional resources.

Teachit Geography

Many helpful glaciation teaching resources here. Resources are available for key stages 3-5.

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