Last Glacial Maximum

The British-Irish Ice Sheet reached its most recent maximum extent around 27,000 years ago. It was drained by many fast-flowing ice streams, and reached the edge of the continental shelf around its northern border. In the south, it terminated near the Vale of York, with a lobe penetrating down the eastern coastline as far as …

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British-Irish Ice Sheet

Other relevant articles Glacial Cirques in Snowdonia Upland Cirque Glacier Landsystem in Britain Alpine Icefield landsystem of upland Britain Plateau Icefield Landsystem of the UK Glacial erratics Videos This GIF shows the evolution of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet (of which Britain was a part). This animation is based on an ice-sheet reconstruction using glacial geomorphology …

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Glacial cirques, known locally as corries or coires (Scotland) and cwms (Wales), are large-scale erosional features common to many mountainous regions1,2. Classic cirques take the form of armchair-shaped hollows (see image below), with a steep headwall (which often culminates in a sharp ridge, or arête) and a gently-sloping or overdeepened valley floor (see diagram below). …

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