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Neil Glasser on James Ross Island in 2011

Professor Neil Glasser is a glacial geomorphologist at Aberystwyth University researching glacial landform development, glacial sedimentary processes and dating glacier fluctuations. He holds research grants from NERC worth over £400k. He has overseas fieldwork experience in Greenland, Antarctica, Patagonia, Svalbard, Peru, Nepal, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. He has twice been a member of the NERC Peer Review College (2005-2008; 2012-present), a member of the NERC Moderating Panel for Antarctic Funding Initiative (2004, 2005 and 2009) and a member of the Steering Committee for the NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility (2007-present).

Recent Employment and Roles

December 2011-present:      Dean, Faculty of Science, Aberystwyth University

Sept 2011-Dec 2011:             Director, IGES, Aberystwyth University

Sept 2008- Dec 2011:            Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science, Aberystwyth University

Oct 2006-present:                 Professor of Physical Geography, Aberystwyth University

Jan 2005-Oct 2006:               Reader, Aberystwyth University

Oct 2002-Jan 2005:               Senior Lecturer, Aberystwyth University

Apr 1999-Oct 2002:               Lecturer, Aberystwyth University


President of the Sub-Commission on Glaciation for INQUA 2008-2012.

Scientific Editor for the Journal of Glaciology, 2000-present.

Member of Editorial Board of Quaternary Science Reviews, 2005-2007.

Editor of Quaternary Science Reviews, 2007-present.

External Examiner (BSc Physical Geography), Liverpool University, 2008–2011

External Examiner for 7 PhD students and Internal Examiner for 5 PhD students.

Supervision Experience: 10 completed PhD students, 4 completed MPhil students and 7 further PhD students currently within registration period.

Selected Publications

Carrivick, J.L. Davies, B.J., Glasser, N.F., & Nývlt, D., in press. Late Holocene changes in character and behaviour of land-terminating glaciers on James Ross Island, Antarctica. Journal of Glaciology.

Davies, B.J., Glasser, N.F., Carrivick, J.L., Hambrey, M.J., Nývlt, D. & Smellie, J.L., in press. A semi-arid polar landsystem model for James Ross Island, NE Antarctic Peninsula. In: Hambrey, M. J., & Tranter, M., Antarctic Palaeoenvironmental Evolution and Earth Surface Processes. Geological Society of London Special Publication.

Davies, B.J., and Glasser, N.F., 2012. Accelerating recession in Patagonian glaciers from the “Little Ice Age” (c. A.D. 1870) to 2011. Journal of Glaciology 58 (212), 1063-1084.

Hambrey, M.J.  and Glasser, N.F. 2012. Discriminating glacier thermal and dynamic regimes in the sedimentary record. Sedimentary Geology 251, 1-33.

Davies, B.J., Hambrey, M.J., Smellie, J.S., Carrivick, J.L., Glasser, N.F. 2012. Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet evolution during the Cenozoic Era. Quaternary Science Reviews 31, 30-66.

Harrison, S., Glasser, N.F., Duller, G.A.T. and Jansson, K. (2012). Early and mid-Holocene age for the Tempanos moraines, Laguna San Rafael, Patagonian Chile. Quaternary Science Reviews 31, 82-92.

Davies, B.J., Carrivick, J.L., Glasser, N.F., Hambrey, M.J. and Smellie, J.S. (2011). A new glacier inventory for 2009 reveals spatial and temporal variability in glacier response to atmospheric warming in the northern Antarctic Peninsula, 1988-2009. The Cryosphere Discuss., 5, 3541-3595.

Quincey, D.J., Braun, M., Glasser, N.F., Bishop, M.P., Hewitt, K. and Luckman, A. (2011). Karakoram glacier surge dynamics. Geophysical Research Letters 38, L18504.

Glasser, N.F., Harrison, S., Jansson, K.N., Anderson, K. and Cowley, A. (2011). Global sea-level contribution from the Patagonian Icefields since the Little Ice Age maximum. Nature Geoscience  4(5), 303-307. DOI: 10.1038/ngeo1122.

Glasser, N.F., Jansson, K.N., Goodfellow, B.W., De Angelis, H., Rodnight, H. and Rood, D.H. (2011). Cosmogenic nuclide exposure ages for moraines in the Lago San Martin Valley, Argentina. Quaternary Research 75(3), 636-646. DOI: 10.1016/j.yqres.2010.11.005

Kleman, J., Jansson, K.N., de Angelis, H., Stroeven, A.P., Hättestrand, C., Alm, G. and Glasser, N.F. (2010). North American Ice Sheet build-up during the last glacial cycle, 115-21 kyr. Quaternary Science Reviews 29, 2036-2051.

Jansen, D. Kulessa, B., Sammonds, P.R., Luckman, A., King, E.C., King, M. and Glasser, N.F. (2010). Present stability of the Larsen C ice shelf. Journal of Glaciology 56 (198) 593-600.

Glasser, N.F., Clemmens, S., Schnabel, C., Fenton, C.R. and McHargue, L. (2009). Tropical glacier advances in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru between 12.5 and 7.6 ka from cosmogenic 10Be dating. Quaternary Science Reviews 28, 3448-3458.

Glasser, N.F., Harrison, S. and Jansson, K. (2009). Topographic controls on glacier sediment-landform associations around the temperate North Patagonian Icefield. Quaternary Science Reviews 28, 2817-2832.

Quincey, D.J. and Glasser N.F. (2009). Morphological and ice-dynamical changes on the Tasman Glacier, New Zealand, 1990-2007. Global and Planetary Change 68, 185-197.

Glasser N. F., Kulessa, B., Luckman, A., Jansen, D., King, E. C., Sammonds, P. R., Scambos, T.A. and Jezek, K.C. (2009). Surface structure and stability of the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula.  Journal of Glaciology 55, 400-410.

Glasser, N.F. and Ghiglione, M.C. (2009). Structural, tectonic and glaciological controls on the evolution of fjord landscapes. Geomorphology 105, 291-302.

Glasser, N.F. and Jansson, K.N.  (2008). The glacial map of southern South America. Journal of Maps, v2008, 175-196.

Harrison, S., Glasser, N.F., Winchester, V., Haresign, E., Warren, C.R., Duller, G.A.T., Bailey, R., Ivy-Ochs, S., Jansson, K. and Kubik, P.W. (2008). Glaciar León, Chilean Patagonia: late-Holocene chronology and geomorphology.  The Holocene 18(4), 343-352.

Hambrey, M.J., Quincey, D.J., Glasser, N.F., Reynolds, J.M., Richardson, S. and Clemmens, S.  (2008) Sedimentological, geomorphological and dynamic context of debris-mantled glaciers, Mount Everest (Sagarmartha) region, Nepal. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27(25-26), 2361-2389.

Jansson, K.N. and Glasser, N.F. (2008). Modification of peripheral mountain ranges by former ice sheets: the Brecon Beacons, Southern UK. Geomorphology 97(1-2), 178-189.

Glasser, N.F. and Scambos, T.A. (2008). A structural glaciological analysis of the 2002 Larsen B Ice Shelf collapse. Journal of Glaciology, 54(184), 3-16.

Glasser, N.F., Harrison, S., Jansson, K. and Kleman, J. (2008). The glacial geomorphology and Pleistocene history of southern South America between 38oS and 56oS. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27(3-4), 365-390.

Kleman, J. and Glasser, N.F. (2007). The subglacial thermal organization (STO) of ice sheets. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 585-597.

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