Glacier hazards

Glaciers, snow and ice are sensitive to climate warming, and changes in these can lead to serious hazards to human society1. Melting snow and ice and glacier recession in high mountains and polar environments can lead to destabilisation, including glacier collapse, rock and ice avalanche, glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFS), and glacier collapse.

Shrinking glaciers in Bhutan

By Alex Hyde The sub-tropical glaciers of Bhutan Bhutan is a small mountainous nation located in the Eastern Himalaya, with a population of around 727 000 people (Figure 1). The country has a sub-tropical climate in its south, where it borders lowland plains, and a Himalayan subalpine climate to the north where it meets the …

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Glacial ArcGIS Stories

There are many ArcGIS Story Maps around. Some are better than others; some take too long to load or are not well thought through. But some are excellent. Asia’s melting glaciers This well made Storymap focuses on melting glaciers in High Mountain Asia, and the impact this will have on water resources. Who owns Antarctica? …

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Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs)

A glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) is a release of meltwater from a moraine- or ice-dam glacial lake due to dam failure1,2. GLOFs often result in catastrophic flooding downstream, with major geomorphic and socioeconomic impacts3,4. GLOFs have three main features: They involve sudden (and sometimes cyclic) releases of water. They tend to be rapid events, …

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This page is based on an article by Dr Jonathan Carrivick that appeared in Geology Today. Introduction | Geological importance of jökulhlaups | Deglacial association of jökulhlaups | Case study: volcanically-triggered jökulhlaups at Eyafjallajökull, Iceland | Comments | Introduction Jökulhlaups, or glacial outburst floods (GLOFS) are a key part of the deglaciation of alpine mountains …

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