Post-16 education and A-Level content on AntarcticGlaciers

Primary stratification with an unconformity in the ice on Davies Dome, James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula.

Welcome to AntarcticGlaciers! This page lists the different sections of the website that are relevant students in high school and post-16 education, and especially to the “Glacial Systems and Landscapes” section of the AQA A-Level physical geography syllabus. These pages will also be relevant to students taking other exam boards for their Geography A-Level, and to university undergraduate or postgraduate students learning about glaciers.

Throughout the website, pages that are particularly relevant to A-Level or post-16 education are identified by a yellow flash. Pages that are suitable case studies are also highlighted.

Yellow ‘Introductory’ flashes indicate content that is suitable for 14-16 year olds, at UK Key Stage 3 or GCSE level.

Each page includes useful links for further reading, and we are constantly developing new activities to assist and enhance student learning.

Do however follow your interests and read beyond the school syllabus, and learn about other facets of glaciology. This will all have relevance to your understanding of glacial systems and landscapes.

For a series of dedicated pages aimed at supporting teachers and geography students, visit our A-Level section. For a more detailed look at how the webpages here map onto the Geography A-Level curriculum, visit here.

A list of educational teaching resources suitable for post-16 education is available here. A list of more introductory resources is available here.

Post-16 education targeted pages

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