Safety on Glaciers and Icefields: Juneau Icefield, Alaska

In 2022, Bethan Davies participated as faculty in the Juneau Icefield Research Program in Alaska. Here, Sofia Guest, a student on the program, reflects on her experience and how she learned about safety in hazardous mountainous environments. My name is Sofia, and I am a recent Environmental Sciences graduate from the University of Alberta. A … Read more

Moving on again: Newcastle University

Friends, some personal news – really pleased to say that I have moved from Royal Holloway University of London to Newcastle University. I’m excited to move to a new institution and the new collaborations and opportunities that this provides. I’ll be in the Department of Geography at Newcastle. New email: bethan [dot] davies [at] newcastle … Read more

SCAR medal for outreach and education

Hello folks, I’m delighted to say that I’ve been honoured with the 2022 medal for Antarctic Education and Communication by the international body for organising Antarctic research and collaboration, the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research. I’m absolutely thrilled and very indebted to my nominator Huw Griffiths. The medal is awarded for my work in Antarctic … Read more

Ida Pfeiffer Professor

Friends, I’m really excited to say that I will be joining the University of Vienna for 5 months from September 2022 to January 2023 as the Ida Pfeiffer Professor, a visiting professor position in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy. I’ll be taking research leave from my university to allow me to take … Read more

MSc Quaternary Science

At Royal Holloway University of London, we deliver an MSc in Quaternary Science. I am heavily involved in teaching this course so naturally I recommend it whole heartedly! Our MSc in Quaternary Science provides students with essential skills in using and understanding the time-dependent processes that affect environmental change. We provide technical training in key … Read more


These pages have information for students at different career stages. You may also want to look at the Careers blog post articles. More resources: The lectureship interview How to get a funded PhD studentship How to get a post-doc Writing up a PhD thesis Giving a good presentation

The Lectureship Interview

If you’re preparing for an interview at a university for a lectureship, good luck to you! The UK system tends to involve a presentation, often to the whole department, and then a panel interview with a few senior members of staff. This can be very daunting, but it does get easier with practice. I’ve attended … Read more

Postgraduate Training Opportunities

If you have enjoyed your undergraduate degree, you may feel that you would like to take your studies further. You may feel that you haven’t finished yet, that you have only just scratched the surface, or that you would like to know more. You may be thinking about pursuing a PhD or a career in … Read more

Combining Academia and Motherhood

There is often a lot of doom and gloom in Academia. People discuss the workload, the work-life balance, and the difficulty in taking maternity leave or having a family. For example, this recent piece in The Guardian highlights one professor’s less-than-positive experience of having children as an academic. The Times Higher Ed writes about the … Read more

The Pregnant Field Scientist

Last autumn, I had two great pieces of news. The first was that I had been awarded a small grant to conduct three weeks’ fieldwork in Chile. The second was that I was pregnant. I was obviously immediately interested in other people’s stories about fieldwork while pregnant. I could find only a few blogs about … Read more

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