Glacier response to climate change

Climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula | Glacier fluctuations on James Ross Island | Glacier modelling experiments | Summary and conclusions | Further reading | Modelled glacier response to centennial temperature and precipitation trends on the Antarctic Peninsula This article is a summary of the following paper: Davies, B.J., Golledge, N.R., Glasser, N.F., Carrivick, J.L., …

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Ice stream initiation on the northern Antarctic Peninsula

Please see the following work: Glasser, N.F., B.J. Davies, J.L. Carrivick, A. Ròdes, M.J. Hambrey, J.L. Smellie and E. Domack (2014). Ice-stream initiation, duration and thinning on James Ross Island, northern Antarctic Peninsula. Quaternary Science Reviews 86, 78-88. Download the Glasser et al. 2014 Preprint. The following is a shorter, simpler version of the paper. …

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Subpolar landsystems of James Ross Island

This page is a shortened and simplified version of the paper by Davies et al. 2013, published by the Geological Society of London. It discusses a semi-arid subpolar landsystem and its paraglacial modification on James Ross Island, northeast Antarctic Peninsula. Glacial landsystems | | Methods | Sediment-landform assemblages | Processes of landscape evolution | Glacial-paraglacial-periglacial …

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Periglacial environments

Introduction to periglacial environments | James Ross Island | Patriot Hills, Ellsworth Mountains | Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica | Terra Nova Bay, Northern Victoria Land | References | Comments | Introduction  to periglacial environments Periglacial, Paraglacial and Permafrost Periglacial environments are those that are in a cold climate, typically near glacierised regions. Permafrost environments are …

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James Ross Island fieldwork photographs

Photographs from glacial geological fieldwork on James Ross Island in February to March 2011 (to Brandy Bay region) and 2012 (to Terrapin Hill). James Ross Island photographs by Bethan Davies. Article by Bethan Davies.

Antarctic terrestrial landforms

Glacial Landforms There is a huge variety of glacial landforms recognised in the geological record. However, they are difficult to see in Antarctica, because they are usually buried beneath ice. On a few small islands around the Antarctic Peninsula, however, you can see evidence of past glaciations through glacier sediments and landforms. The contrast between …

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