The Wildlife of Antarctica StoryMap

This Wildlife of Antarctica StoryMap Collection introduces the wildlife of Antarctica and the Antarctic food web. Investigate Emporer Penguins and use GIS resources and satellite imagery to find their colonies. Learn about krill and how they are the basis of the Antarctic food chain!

Click the image below to open the StoryMap (note that the ‘Download as PDF’ button only prints out this webpage, not the StoryMap).

This Collection of five StoryMaps links to our Antarctic Wildlife article, and has a blank food web for students to complete.

This StoryMap Collection is designed for students (age 13/14 upwards, or key stage 3/4) who are learning about polar environments and polar food webs.

You can find the scheme of work for the ‘Wildlife of Antarctica‘ StoryMap Collection here.

Wildlife of Antarctica StoryMap Collection
This StoryMap collection focuses on Emperor Penguins and Krill. Can you find the penguin colonies from space?

The Antarctic Wildlife Storymap uses imagery from Sentinel Hub to allow students to map penguin colonies from space, by finding their guano!

Imagery provided by Sentinel Hub

You can watch the full video of the interview betwen Dr Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway University of London) and Dr Huw Griffiths (British Antarctic Survey) on YouTube. It also is divided into shorter segments and embedded within the Krill storymap in the Wildlife Storymap Collection.

Interview between De Bethan Davies and Dr Huw Griffiths discussing Antarctic food webs and krill

Funding and Contributors

The Antarctica StoryMap Collections were funded by an educational bursary from Antarctic Science Ltd and were supported by the British Antarctic Survey, ESRI, and Geography Southwest! We also thank numerous scientific advisors and contributors, who have helped to ensure that these resources are accurate, up to date, and unique.

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