Infographic on ice cores

The DEEPICE project has released an infographic and a series of resources that explain ice-core science in an accesible manner. These graphics are available for communication and educational purposes! This includes a cool Factsheet about coring for 1.5 million year old ice, and infographics about ice core science.

The DEEPICE and Beyond EPICA scientific community aims to understand what happened the “Mid-Pleistocene-Transition”, between 0.8 to 1.2 Million years ago. During the MId Pleistocene Transition, the rhythm and intensity of ice age cycles changed dramatically, and ice-core scientists are trying to understand this major shift in climate.

You can view the infographic below!

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  1. In cutting of ice cores is the core barrel bort diamond, tungston carbide or other?
    When drilling ice cores what studies historically show the volumes liberation of gases lost as typified in any drilling procedure
    and what is the percentage of lost gases and as a function of overburden pressure in normalized geopressured gradients?
    Your references appreciated.

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