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Infographic on ice cores

The DEEPICE project has released an infographic and a series of resources that explain ice-core science in an accesible manner. These graphics are available for communication and educational purposes! This includes a cool Factsheet about coring for 1.5 million year old ice, and infographics about ice core science. The DEEPICE and Beyond EPICA scientific community …

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Ice cores on the Antarctic Peninsula

Ice coring on the Antarcti Peninsula | The James Ross Island ice core | Dyler Plateau ice core | Gomez ice core | Antarctic Peninsula temperature change | Antarctic Peninsula accumulation change | The future outlook | Further Reading | References | Comments | Ice coring on the Antarctic Peninsula Instrumental climate records are sparse …

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Ice core drilling

This page on ice core drilling was written a Peter Neff, at the time a doctoral candidate from the Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington and now a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Rochester, New York, USA. Drilling through the ice Ice core drilling in Antarctica is a pretty arduous task. To …

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Ice core basics

Why use ice cores? | How do ice cores work? | Layers in the ice | Information from ice cores | Further reading | References | Comments | Why use ice cores? Ice sheets have one particularly special property. They allow us to go back in time and to sample accumulation, air temperature and air …

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Antarctic Ice Cores

Ice cores are the time machines that allow us to investigate past climate. They preserve actual bubbles of air that mean that we can look at past concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They allow us to reconstruct past temperature and precipitation changes, and help us understand relationships between the composition of the atmosphere …

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