Differences between Arctic and Antarctic sea ice

The Antarctic and Arctic regions are polar opposites in more ways than one. These two regions have differences in the volume of ice, their climate, their seasonality, and much more. One important feature which separates the Arctic and Antarctic regions is their sea ice, and in particular how it changes over the year and its … Read more

Changing Greenland Ice Sheet

The Greenland Ice Sheet is the world’s second ice sheet. It lies in the Northern Hemisphere. It is quite different to Antarctica in character. It has enough ice to raise global sea levels by about 7.4 m on full melting (Morlighein et al., 2018). Like Antarctica, its ocean-terminating outlet glaciers are vulnerable to ocean heating. … Read more

Arctic Sea Ice

The Arctic’s sea ice extent reached an all-time low in September 2012, with the smallest recorded extent since satellite observations began. At 3.42 million square kilometres, it may still sound large, but this small extent of Arctic sea ice could have profound long-term consequences, and it follows a long trend of low sea ice conditions. … Read more

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