Curry Fund from the Geologists’ Association

We are delighted to announce that has been awarded a grant from the Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association. This will support further website development, and help bring the website further into line with the new UK A-Level curriculum.

1 thought on “Curry Fund from the Geologists’ Association”

  1. I would like an opinion, please. There are a multitude of countries who are suffering from lack of potable water and also lack of rain to grow crops, etc.
    Why can’t glaciers (leading edge being the edge that will break off into the ocean) be “sliced” (example: length = 100 meters x width = 50 meters x depth = 1,000 meters) resulting in a “slice” representing 5 MILLION CUBIC METERS OF POTABLE WATER which could be towed to the countries concerned.
    Are their dangers or hazards that prohibit such a proposal??

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