Measuring glacier velocity

By Alex Hyde Why is understanding glacier velocity important? In the Himalayas, and world-wide, climate change is driving glacier retreat. In some mountain regions like the Himalayas, this climate change is also resulting in large scale changes in glacier ice-flow dynamics and velocity (1-2), which is impacting glacier response to climate change. Measuring these changes … Read more

Structural glaciology

Introduction | Primary stratification | Longitudinal surface structures | Crevasses | Ogives | Debris cover | Medial moraines | Further reading | References | Comments | Introduction As glaciers flow, they crack and fracture in predictable ways. This brittle failure of the glacier ice yields insights into glacier strain, both in the present day and … Read more

Introduction: Observing glacier change from space

Satellite observation of glaciers | Mapping structural glaciology | Mapping glacier change | Mapping glacier thinning | Mapping glacier velocity | Other glaciological applications | Different satellites with different capabilities | Summary and conclusions | Further reading | References | Comments | Satellite observation of glaciers Ice cover on Earth is changing. We have records … Read more

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