Introduction to glacial landforms

Glaciers are one of the most powerful forces shaping our local landscape. As glaciers flow downhill from mountains to the lowlands, they erode, transport, and deposit materials, forming a great array of glacial landforms. They can erode mountains, and change their morphology. Large glaciers and ice sheets can deposit great swathes of sands and gravels, …

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Surging glacier landsystem

Glaciers gain mass in their upper reaches (accumulation zone) and lose mass at their snout (ablation zone). The majority of glaciers flow (and transfer mass) at a steady rate. However, some glaciers switch between periods of slow and fast flow. Surging glaciers have relatively long periods of ice build-up and slow ice flow before a …

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Surging glaciers

Introduction | Surging glacier features | Other kinds of flow instability | References | Comments | Variable glacier flow Although all glaciers flow, the way in which they flow is highly variable. We already know that the thermal regime can impact on glacier flow, with cold-based glaciers being frozen to their bed and flowing very …

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