Types of Glaciers on Mars

This page was contributed by Dr Frances Butcher from Sheffield University. There are glaciers on Mars?! Yes! Check out our quick introduction to glaciers on Mars here. Just as on Earth, glaciers on Mars come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and settings. Studying glaciers on Mars is important for several reasons: Glaciers on Mars were formed … Read more

Glaciers on other planets

Earth is not alone. There are glaciers on other planets! Mars has glacier-like forms; they look like glaciers, but as we haven’t been there we’ve only seen them on Martian satellite imagery. Glaciers on Mars were formed under a different Martian climate, and studying them can tell us about past Martian climate. They could also … Read more

Introduction to Glaciers on Mars

Antarctica is frequently compared with Mars. But are they actually that similar, even though both have a dry, cold climate and glaciers and polar ice caps? Here, Stephen Brough from Aberystwyth University explains the key points of glaciers on Mars. Is there ice on other planets? | Evidence for glaciers on Mars | Ice ages … Read more

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