Glaciated valley landsystems

This section of ‘AntarcticGlaciers’ deals with valley glaciers and the landsystems they create. Before diving into examples from specific glacier systems, we suggest first reading the Introduction to glaciated valley landsystems page, which covers valley glacier behaviour and how this influences the landforms and sediments they leave in the landscape. Videos This video shows some …

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Glacial landsystems

“Glacial Landsystems” are assemblages of characteristic glacial sediments and landforms. Different types of glacier deposit different assemblages of these sediments and landforms. The study of glacial landsystems can therefore give us information about the type and style of palaeoglaciers, and give us insights into glacial processes. You can also view our work on the plateau …

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Glacial landforms

Glaciers have a huge impact on our landscape. They are one of the most powerful forces shaping our Earth surface. These pages introduce some of the most important erosional and depositional landforms, and highlight the processes by which they form. Glaciers of different types produce different suites of characteristic landforms. We call these glacial landsystems. …

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Glacial Geology

This section of the website focuses on former ice sheets. How can we tell how ice sheets behaved in the past? How did ice sheets interact with past climate change? In this section, you can find out about the different types of glacier landforms and sediments. You can also learn about the characteristic types and …

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