How is Antarctica melting?

Question: My name is Alexander Chladzynski, I am 11 and curious about many things. For a school project I am doing it on how Antarctica is melting. It would be awesome if you could give me some facts about Antarctica.

Great question Alexander, the majority of ice melt in Antarctica is around the edges of the continent, where the ice is in contact with the ocean. A key area of concern for scientists is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which is losing ice through ice shelf calving and melting from below by warming ocean water. Ice is melting a little differently in the Antarctic Peninsula, where increasing air temperatures are the main cause of ice melt.

For some more facts about Antarctica have a look at our Introductory Antarctica pages, where you can learn about wildlife, history, and present climate change. Our Antarctica Storymap series is another fun interactive resource that you might find interesting!

I hope this helps.


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