Wildlife of Antarctica

Antarctica’s wildlife is diverse and unique. It is the only continent on Earth which has no terrestrial mammals, but is home to a range of marine wildlife and birds, including penguins! The most common birds in Antarctica are penguins. It is home to 18 different species, including the Emperor Penguin. Antarctica’s Wildlife and its Food …

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This page includes photographs from Bethan Davies’ and colleagues various research trips and expeditions. The video below by Andy Mumford shows some beautiful photography from Iceland.

Wildlife at Rothera

Wildlife at Rothera Rothera sees a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year. All of the large animals around Rothera rely on the ocean and particularly on krill as a basis for their diet; there is very little that grows on land. Seals, penguins and whales form the majority of the wildlife seen at Rothera …

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Wildlife photographs

Wildlife photographs from James Ross Island and around the Antarctic Peninsula, taken by Bethan Davies during the 2011 and 2012 field seasons. See also the Wildlife at Rothera blog post. Chinstrap penguins at Point Wild, northern Antarctic Peninsula, March 2012. Wildlige at Rothera

Living and working in Antarctica

Introduction | Rothera | South Georgia | Research ships | Working deep field Introduction There are many bases across Antarctica; around 30 countries have around 82 bases. Some of these bases are open only in summer, and others are operated all year around. The summertime population of Antarctica is around 5000 people (not including those …

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