Green Icebergs?

When you think of an iceberg you might think of a large floating block of white ice which is detached from a glacier or ice shelf. Well, instead they can be a range of different colours from white, blue and even green!  What is an Iceberg? Icebergs are large blocks of ice which break away (clave) from a glacier or …

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Discovering Antarctica

Discovering Antarctica is an interactive website and resource developed by the British Antarctic Survey and the Royal Geographical Society. It has a host of features suitable for an introductory level to Antarctica (~11-14 years; UK key stage 3). There is a number of resources, including ecosystems and food webs, science and exploration, tourism, challenges, and …

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Choosing the future of Antarctica

In a new article in the journal Nature, Stephen Rintoul and colleagues present two very different visions of Antarctica’s future, from the perspective of an observer looking back from 2070. In one vision, humanity continues to exploit Earth’s natural resources (such as fossils fuels) and does little to protect the environment, and in the other, …

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Just published: most comprehensive review ever of the glaciation of Antartica

A major new review of the last glaciation of the entire Antarctic Ice Sheet has just been published by Quaternary Science Reviews. The special issue of the journal includes a suite of review papers involving an international team of experts regarding the last glaciation of the entire Antarctic Ice Sheet. This review, which comprises six review papers …

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This page focuses on introducing the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Antarctica is actually composed of three ice sheets: the Antarctic Peninsula, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. You may also be interested in reading about the Patagonian Ice Sheet or the British-Irish Ice Sheet. Antarctica StoryMap Series You can learn more …

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