The Sirius Debate

A glacial-geological controversy | The Sirius Debate | The view from East Antarctica | Summary | References | Comments | This page was contributed by Professor Michael Hambrey, and all figures and photographs are copyright Mike Hambrey. A glacial-geological controversy Antarctica displays a long-term (multi-million year) record of glacial history that is unsurpassed on Earth. … Read more


This page is based on an article by Dr Jonathan Carrivick that appeared in Geology Today. Introduction | Geological importance of jökulhlaups | Deglacial association of jökulhlaups | Case study: volcanically-triggered jökulhlaups at Eyafjallajökull, Iceland | Comments | Introduction Jökulhlaups, or glacial outburst floods (GLOFS) are a key part of the deglaciation of alpine mountains … Read more

Subglacial volcanoes

This section was contributed by Prof. John Smellie. Introduction | Subglacial volcanoes as an ice sheet proxy | Glaciovolcanism in Antarctica | The Pliocene Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet | Late Miocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet | Antarctic refugia | References | Comments | Introduction In common with other environments, volcanoes also erupt beneath ice sheets … Read more

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