valley glacier

Debris-covered glacier landsystems

This article was written by Katie Miles from Aberystwyth University. Debris-covered glaciers are valley glaciers that have a layer of rocks and sediment on top of the ice surface. While this can range from a thin smattering of rocks to a thick layer several meters deep (even on the same glacier surface), we typically define … Read more

The role of debris cover on glacier ablation

Rock and sediment debris often cover part or all of a glacier’s surface, where it plays an important role in surface energy balance and the rate of glacier ablation. The relationship between debris thickness and glacier melting Measurements taken at the surface of glaciers show there to be a strong relationship between the thickness of … Read more

Landsystem of ‘clean’ valley glaciers

Glaciers that carry little to no rock or sediment debris at their surface are known as ‘clean’ or ‘uncovered’ glaciers1. Truly ‘clean’ valley glaciers represent an ideal end member in the range of valley glacier types, which differ as a result of local basin topography, the amount of surface debris they carry, mass balance, and … Read more

Introduction to glaciated valley landsystems

Glaciated valley landsystems refer to the landforms and sediments produced by valley glaciers in upland and mountainous environments1. As valley glaciers currently exist under a broad range of topographic and climatic settings across the globe2,3, the landsystems they create are equally varied. The glaciated valley landsystems section of ‘AntarcticGlaciers’ will give examples of the range … Read more

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