remote sensing

Mapping the World’s Glaciers

Introduction | Remote sensing of glaciers | Glacier inventories | The Randolph Glacier Inventory | Glacier contributions to sea level rise | Summary | References | Comments | Introduction How many glaciers are there in the World? How much ice do they have? How much will they raise sea levels on full melting? How likely, … Read more

Observing glacier change from space

Satellite observation of glaciers | Mapping structural glaciology | Mapping glacier change | Mapping glacier thinning | Mapping glacier velocity | Other glaciological applications | Different satellites with different capabilities | Summary and conclusions | Further reading | References | Comments | Satellite observation of glaciers Ice cover on Earth is changing. We have records … Read more

Glaciers of Antarctica

Introduction | GLIMS glaciers | References | Comments | Introduction Antarctica has many different types of glacier.  They range from enormous ice streams, arteries of fast flow that discharge the majority of the ice from the centre of the ice sheet to its edges[1], to slow-moving cold-based glaciers that are largely frozen to their beds[2]. … Read more

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