Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet

Introduction | Oceanography and climate | Modern Glaciology | Geological history | References | Comments | Introduction This section largely taken from Davies et al., 2012 (Quaternary Science Reviews)[1]. The Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet (sometimes written as APIS) is widely regarded as sensitive to climate change due to its small size and northerly location, and …

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Periglacial environments

Introduction to periglacial environments | James Ross Island | Patriot Hills, Ellsworth Mountains | Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica | Terra Nova Bay, Northern Victoria Land | References | Comments | Introduction  to periglacial environments Periglacial, Paraglacial and Permafrost Periglacial environments are those that are in a cold climate, typically near glacierised regions. Permafrost environments are …

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Antarctic Peninsula glacier change

Antarctic Peninsula environmental change | Antarctic Peninsula glacier change | References | Comments | This page is largely from Davies et al. 2012 (open access) and Glasser et al. 2011. Download the PDF for Davies et al. 2012. Antarctic Peninsula environmental change Numerous recent papers have documented increasing atmospheric[1-3] and oceanic temperatures[4, 5] across the …

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Do you have an idea for something that is missing on the glossary? Let me know! See also the Numerical Modelling Glossary Contact Bethan via Twitter (@AntarcticGlacie) or email: bethan [at] Ablation How glaciers and ice shelves lose mass. This can be through surface melting and run off, calving icebergs, or melting at the …

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Glaciers of Antarctica

Introduction | GLIMS glaciers | References | Comments | Introduction Antarctica has many different types of glacier.  They range from enormous ice streams, arteries of fast flow that discharge the majority of the ice from the centre of the ice sheet to its edges[1], to slow-moving cold-based glaciers that are largely frozen to their beds[2]. …

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