Green Icebergs?

When you think of an iceberg you might think of a large floating block of white ice which is detached from a glacier or ice shelf. Well, instead they can be a range of different colours from white, blue and even green!  What is an Iceberg? Icebergs are large blocks of ice which break away (clave) from a glacier or …

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Icebergs can be found floating freely in the ocean around the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, as well as in other areas with glaciers that end in the ocean. They can be important for the survival of many animals, such as polar bears in the Arctic or penguins in the Antarctic, but they can also …

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Tidewater Glaciers

What is a Tidewater Glacier? Tidewater glaciers are glaciers which extend out, and terminate into the sea [1]. They are part of a group of glaciers known as calving glaciers, as their main method of ice loss is through iceberg calving, instead of surface melt [1,2]. Calving icebergs currently accounts for up to 70% of …

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