Mapping the World’s Glaciers

Introduction | Remote sensing of glaciers | Glacier inventories | The Randolph Glacier Inventory | Glacier contributions to sea level rise | Summary | References | Comments | Introduction How many glaciers are there in the World? How much ice do they have? How much will they raise sea levels on full melting? How likely, …

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Subpolar landsystems of James Ross Island

This page is a shortened and simplified version of the paper by Davies et al. 2013, published by the Geological Society of London. It discusses a semi-arid subpolar landsystem and its paraglacial modification on James Ross Island, northeast Antarctic Peninsula. Glacial landsystems | | Methods | Sediment-landform assemblages | Processes of landscape evolution | Glacial-paraglacial-periglacial …

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This page is based on an article by Dr Jonathan Carrivick that appeared in Geology Today. Introduction | Geological importance of jökulhlaups | Deglacial association of jökulhlaups | Case study: volcanically-triggered jökulhlaups at Eyafjallajökull, Iceland | Comments | Introduction Jökulhlaups, or glacial outburst floods (GLOFS) are a key part of the deglaciation of alpine mountains …

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Shrinking Patagonian Glaciers

This webpage is a shortened and simplified version of the Davies and Glasser 2012 paper published in Journal of Glaciology. Introduction | Results | Glacier Change | Conclusions | References | Comments | Introduction The Little Ice Age The Little Ice Age (LIA) is widely recognised in places like the Alps in the northern hemisphere, …

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Antarctic Peninsula glacier change

Antarctic Peninsula environmental change | Antarctic Peninsula glacier change | References | Comments | This page is largely from Davies et al. 2012 (open access) and Glasser et al. 2011. Download the PDF for Davies et al. 2012. Antarctic Peninsula environmental change Numerous recent papers have documented increasing atmospheric[1-3] and oceanic temperatures[4, 5] across the …

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