Films and video resources

Bethan Davies virtual lectures

I have a few videos on YouTube and embedded in this website that may be of interest. See the example below!

Time for Geography

This excellent website has a number of videos explaining key processes and geomorphic features of Britain. It is produced by academics at a wide range of universities, and includes “knowledge boosters” on a range of subjects, including Glaciation, Waterfalls, Coasts and much more.

There are a number of videos about glaciation, with “knowledge booster” and “grade booster” videos.

In the video below, made by Dr Bethan Davies and Dr Simon Cook (Dundee University), we discuss glacier mass balance and how glaciers are changing worldwide.

Time for Geography Glacier Mass Balance video (featuring Bethan Davies and Simon Cook).

Films about Climate Change and Glaciers

There are a number of excellent climate change documentaries and films publicly available for little investment.

  • Thin Ice talks about climate change from the scientists’ perspectives. The website has many resources, including extra clips and information. The film can be rented and watched online for NZ$5 and downloaded for NZ$10.
  • Chasing Ice uses stunning repeat photography to characterise glacial recession over several years. The film is available to download from iTunes.
  • Operation Iceberg is a BBC documentary that follows the exploits of scientists in Greenland. Stunning visuals are combined with exciting feats of bravery for compelling viewing.


YouTube is an outstanding teaching resource, with thousands of videos explaining all aspects of glaciology. Here are some of my favourites:

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