Polar Pride 2021

RHUL’s Geography department hosted their first polar pride event yesterday (18/11/21) hosted by Bethan Davies. The event brought together staff and students to celebrate TLGBQAI+ polar scientists, where we enjoyed cake and discussed the importance of polar pride through a Q&A with PhD students Dan Parkes and Laura Boyall. The first polar pride took place … Read more

Make a Landsat Gif

Interested in how glaciers are changing in your favourite region of the world? Want to see if they’re receding in the Alps or Andes? Landsat have made a cool tool in Earth Engine Apps that will make you your own animated GIF of landsat images through time. Here is their example:

Creating digital resources for outreach and science communication

Science communication is increasingly important for environmental scientists, and the digital realm offers great opportunity. How can we maximise it? Recently, I joined a seminar hosted by the British Society for Geomorphology where I discussed how we can provide effective outreach and public engagement resources in the digital format. I gave a keynote talk, where … Read more

A Practical Guide to Glacial Sediments, 2nd edition

The first edition of “A Practical Guide to the study of Glacial Sediments” (Edited by David Evans and Doug Benn) was an essential handbook to all students of glacial geology. It has helped countless undergraduate and MSc dissertation students, and my well-thumbed copy has come with me every time I go into the field. It … Read more

ESRI StoryMap Collections

The hunt for fun, engaging, and informative teaching resources can be challenging. Especially for those wanting to teach students about Antarctica or about the polar regions. We are delighted to launch our brand-new ESRI StoryMap Collections. These focused teaching and learning resources can be used in the classroom, or as part of home learning, integrating … Read more

CO2 widget

The University of Cambridge/Cambridge Zero team have made a widget to communicate daily levels of CO2: https://co2widget.com/ Click the image to launch the widget (opens in new tab):

Funding from the IAS

I am delighted to announce that AntarcticGlaciers has received funding from the International Association of Sedimentologists. We have entered into an agreement for three YEARS worth of funding, which will secure the future of the website! This is wonderful news. Please do anticipate new pages on glacial geology over the next few months!

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