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The webpages of hopefully provide a useful information resource for both students and teachers. However, there are also lots of free downloads and interactive resources available on the internet. This webpage has a number of resources suitable for GCSE and A-Level Geography and Geoscience teachers.

There are more ideas for student projects on the Geography A-Level Projects page. You can also see the Essay Questions page for more ideas.

IBCSO (International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean)

IBCSO bathymetric charts

IBCSO bathymetric charts

The IBCSO website provides information on sea floor topography. Users can download a PDF chart or Geotiff data of the entire ocean floor.

Access the data.

When using any data from the IBCSO project please cite:

Arndt, J.E., H. W. Schenke, M. Jakobsson, F. Nitsche, G. Buys, B. Goleby, M. Rebesco, F. Bohoyo, J.K. Hong, J. Black, R. Greku, G. Udintsev, F. Barrios, W. Reynoso-Peralta, T. Morishita, R. Wigley, “The International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO) Version 1.0 – A new bathymetric compilation covering circum-Antarctic waters”, Geophysical Research Letters, doi: 10.1002/grl.50413

Google Earth

Google Earth has fabulous satellite images of Antarctica, and it lets you explore the continent from the comfort of your sofa. There are fabulous images of crevasses, glaciers, moraines and more.

Explore Scott’s hut through the Google World Wonders project.


Check out the BRITICE dataset. Downloadable PDF maps of all the glacial landforms in Britain.

Interactive glacier models

Get the students playing with one of these simple, browser-based interactive glacier models, and understanding concepts such as ablation, accumulation, glacier advance and recession and glacier mass balance.

Sea level rise

There are a number of interactive student resources on sea level rise.

Glaciers Online

The Glaciers Online website has an excellent photo-glossary that you can encourage the students to explore.

Films about Climate Change and Glaciers

There are a number of excellent climate change documentaries and films publically available for little investment.

  • Thin Ice talks about climate change from the scientists’ perspectives. The website has many resources, including extra clips and information. The film can be rented and watched online for NZ$5 and downloaded for NZ$10.
  • Chasing Ice uses stunning repeat photography to characterise glacial recession over several years. The film is available to download from iTunes.
  • Operation Iceberg is a BBC documentary that follows the exploits of scientists in Greenland. Stunning visuals are combined with exciting feats of bravery for compelling viewing.

Making Glaciers

One way to get students involved and engaged is to get them to make a glacier using Glacier Goo. This tried and tested method is fun and exciting, and you can encourage the students to think about deformation and glacier movement processes, as well as ablation and accumulation.

There are many glacier goo recipes around. The National Association of Geoscience Teachers has some good resources.

Antarctic Maps

A number of maps of Antarctica are available to download and print off for free from LIMA.

You can buy lots of maps of Antarctica cheaply from the British Antarctic Survey. You can also browse and purchase photographs.

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