How Animals, people and environment interact in the Siberian tundra

Hi there, I wonder if you can help me. I have to do a geography project on a cold environment and discuss how people, animals and plants adapt, how the seasons change and affect the people and how the environment affects the future of the region. I am in year 8 of secondary school. I know it sounds silly but can you clarify if the place I have chosen will fit the bill. It is the Siberian Tundra. I can see from the map that it is in the North of Russia. Do you think I have picked too wide an area to discuss? Should I choose an area within the Tundra specifically or will it work using the area as a whole?

Asked by Francesca

Hi Francesca,

I’m not an expert in this area but it sounds like a good idea. If I were you I might try to focus in on a smaller area and cover it in more detail with specific examples, rather than trying to cover too much with less detail. I hope this helps.

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