Glacial depositional landforms

This section of the website includes many examples of landforms created underneath and around the margins of glaciers. These depositional landforms typically form in two domains: subglacial landforms and ice-marginal landforms.

Subglacial landforms include:

  • A continuum of lineated bedforms, ranging from small scale (flutes), through to intermediate scale (10s of metres; Drumlins), through to large scale (kilometres; Megascale glacial lineations).
  • Sediments and landforms associated with meltwater, such as eskers.

Ice-marginal landforms include:

  • Piles of debris formed at the ice margin, such as moraines;
  • Till plains formed underneath the ice sheet;
  • Fluvioglacial landforms such as kames, outwash plains, meltwater channels.

There are lots of examples of these types of landforms across the Patagonian Ice Sheet.