Pictures, pictures and more pictures

In my last post, I described the art of blogging and how it benefits me. The main conclusion I drew was that people love pictures, and that if you want to get people to your website, it must be figure-heavy. This second blog post describes how to avoide copyright conundrums and how to illustrate your blog with lots of beautiful pictures without falling foul of copyright laws.

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Why I Blog (and why you should too)

This is a brief article on why I blog, some things I have learned by blogging, and how I think it benefits me. Lots of people have written articles about why blogging is important for outreach (for example, to counter misunderstandings like this), but I also think that blogging is good to do for you yourself, as well. For an entirely ego-centric blog post, read on…

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The Open Access Debate: A possible solution?

The Open Access Debate | Difficulties with Open Access | Blogging about your work | Open Access: A possible solution?

The Open Access Debate

A debate that is currently raging in Academia is a discussion about how and where scientists and academics publish their work. Some commentators have said that academics who publish their work in journals with paywalls are immoral, but this is a simplistic view. As noted in the Guardian Science Blog, academics are incentivised to publish their work in high-ranking, high-quality journals. To avoid these, and publish in less well-regarded journals, would be detritmental to one’s career. Continue reading