Antarctica StoryMaps

This page includes a series of StoryMaps introducing #Antarctica. They are suitable for UK key stage 3 to GCSE (age ~14 to 16). There will be four storymaps:

These freely available resources were produced by an interdisciplinary team, including scientific experts (Bethan Davies, Huw Griffiths, Klaus Dodds, Peter Neff), technical experts from ESRI UK, and school teachers. They were produced by Laura Boyall and Jen Thornton. The project was funded by the Antarctic Science Bursary.

These four ESRI StoryMap Collections are aimed at KS3 students, and beginners who are interested in learning about Antarctica. They are supported by some introductory articles.

These StoryMap Collections are a great resource for home or in-classroom learning, building on skills in GIS and mapping and data analysis. By completing the series of activities throughout the StoryMaps, and interacting with the resources, you will finish with a clear understanding about some of the key topics in Antarctica!

Other storymaps that might be of interest are highlighted here.

An introduction to the Physical Geography of Antarctica

This StoryMap Collection introduces the physical geography of Antarctica. There are some basic GIS activities for students to help experiential learning, and some great imagery and videos.

This StoryMap introduces the different kinds of ice and physical geography of Antarctica.

The Wildlife of Antarctica

This StoryMap collection introduces the wildlife of Antarctica and the Antarctic food web. Investigate Emporer Penguins and use GIS resources and satellite imagery to find their colonies. Learn about krill and how they are the basis of the Antarctic food chain!

It links to our Antarctic Wildlife article, and has a blank food web for students to complete.

This StoryMap collection focuses on Emperor Penguins and Krill. Can you find the penguin colonies from space?

The Antarctic Wildlife Storymap uses imagery from Sentinel Hub to allow students to map penguin colonies from space, by finding their guano!

Imagery provided by Sentinel Hub

You can watch the full video of the interview betwen Dr Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway University of London) and Dr Huw Griffiths (British Antarctic Survey) on YouTube. It also is divided into shorter segments and embedded within the Krill storymap in the Wildlife Storymap Collection.

Funding and Contributors

These Storymaps were funded by an educational bursary from Antarctic Science Ltd and were supported by the British Antarctic Survey, ESRI, and Geography Southwest!