Funding gratefully acknowledges funding from the following sources.





The Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association March 2019 £2972 To support further employment of a science writer
British Society for Geomorphology Outreach Award December 2018 £992 To fund an exhibit at the Geographical Association Annual Conference, in Manchester, April 2019
Royal Holloway Research Strategy Fund July 2018 £5000 Employ a science writer (Dr Jacob Bendle).

Manage updates and hosting/domain name costs for 5 years

Quaternary Research Association September 2012 £500 Website development costs
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research September 2012 £1260 Website development costs

Whilst the QRA supports this initiative, the views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the QRA.

We acknowledge the assistance of The Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association.

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