Where are the top geological sites in the UK?

As part of Earth Week 2014, the Geological Society ran a competition to find the UK’s top 100 Geosites. The competition can be followed on Twitter with the #100Geosites hashtag.

The results were published as an online clickable map and the results were highlighted on the BBC. This map is ideal for choosing your next UK holiday destination!

Not to be outdone, the Quaternary Research Association has highlighted, as part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, the UK’s top 50 Quaternary sites. Again, this is presented as an online clickable map.

On both sites, the fabulous Quaternary sections in north Norfolk are highlighted, in particular the tectonic thrusts at Overstrand. Glaciated valleys in Scotland, such as Glen Coe, make an appearance in both lists, and Glen Roy is listed as an influential site in the early development of Glacial Theory in the UK.

Chalk rafts

Rafts of chalk have been thrust up on top of one another within glaciotectonised sediments in Overstrand, north Norfolk

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